Fingerprint Music School offers music lessons online for all ages. Reading music is optional. We offer instruction on piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, synths and keyboards, and in general music theory and songwriting.

Fingerprint was founded by Jacob Black in Kansas City in 2006, when he started offering piano & guitar lessons out of his basement. Over the next several years, he began developing the unique approach that became the Fingerprint Method. Word spread quickly, his waiting list grew, and he started expanding with additional teachers and training them in the Fingerprint Method, soon opening a second branch in Seattle.

The Fingerprint Method encourages you to find your own unique musical path. You don’t have to READ music to play an instrument. It’s one way to learn, but it’s by no means the only way. You can learn ANY instrument without reading. (We teach piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, & drums, all with or without reading.)
A lot of teachers insist on reading music, but they don’t work for us.
We teach reading to some students, ear training to some, songwriting to some, improvisation to some, theory to some... most get a mix. All 15+ of our teachers can do it all and teach it all, and they customize according to you. That’s the Fingerprint Method.
We are the most selective music school we know of when it comes to our teachers— they are all multi-instrumentalists, they can all read, play by ear, improvise, and write music, and they are all exceptionally charming humans that make learning fun for all ages.
We’re also the least selective music school we know of when it comes to our students— you don’t ever have to practice if you don’t want to, and we won’t be mad! All ages are welcome— current students range from 3 to 87.
If it works for your life to commit to practice, great— we’ll keep you on track, and you’ll improve much more quickly. If it’s tough to commit to regular practice, we understand, and we think doing the lessons is still worthwhile. You’ll learn something and be inspired regardless of how much you practice. And that’s good enough for us.
We measure our success by how many students want to keep music in their lives, however casually. Not by how many professional musicians we produce. Those are fun, too. But music is for everyone.
We have teachers in Seattle and Kansas City. We used to drive to your home for lessons in the before times. But for now, we’re all online, and accepting students from anywhere.
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